The Nitty-Gritty Things That You'll Want For Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

19 February 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Your outdoor wedding reception, whether taking place at a state park, in a farmer's field or in the empty lot behind the church, will need certain amenities to ensure the comfort and pleasure of your guests. 


Though monumental in their way, wedding receptions can generate a lot of trash. You're going to need a place to throw away your food waste and decorations when the event is over. If there is no dumpster at the site already, look into dumpster rental services for your big day.

You'll need to coordinate the dumpster drop-off with the agency, company or private citizen that owns the property where the reception will take place, to ensure that there is an appropriate place for the dumpster to sit while it's there. Dumpster rentals require firm ground to sit on, and because dumpsters are quite heavy, you may need to check that the site where the dumpster sits is not directly above wires or pipes in the ground.

Portable Toilet(s)

You're definitely going to need to provide your guests with a bathroom, and this is doubly true when your reception includes an open bar. If you're trying to decide how many portable toilets to rent, a good rule of thumb for an event where people are drinking a lot is approximately 1 toilet per 50 guests. Of course, portable toilets aren't exactly ideal for a romantic event like a wedding reception. If you're looking for something a little more upscale, consider renting a portable restroom, complete with a sink and mirror. 

Rain Cover

Hopefully it won't rain on your wedding day. However, if it does, you will need somewhere for your guests to stay warm and dry. If there is not a covered picnic area at your reception site, a tent rental may be necessary, in the event of an unfortunate rain storm. The size of your tent rental will depend on the number of guests your expecting. Speak with your tent rental company about selecting the best dimensions for your party.

Adequate Parking Spaces

Hopefully there's a parking lot where your reception is taking place, and there are enough spaces for all your guests. However, if there aren't enough spaces or if the parking lot is too far from the actual site of the reception, rent a van to transport your guests to and from the site. 

Logistics like this are critical to the success of your reception. These little details will help make your reception a fun and memorable event.