The Difference Between Carbon And Stainless Steel

18 March 2015
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Steel plates from places like Steel Plate Products Inc are made out of iron and carving alloys. They are affordable, strong and easy to manipulate, so they are ideal for many construction needs. This article will discuss, carbon steel and stainless steel, two different types of steel plate that are commonly used in the construction and manufacturing industries. Many of the items you use on a daily basis are made from these two types of steel.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel plates are sold as low, medium, high and ultra high, in reference to the steel's carbon content. Low carbon plates have less then 0.3% carbon content, while medium carbon steel plates have 0.25-0.6% carbon content. High carbon plates have 1-2.5% carbon content. And, ultra high carbon plates have more than 2.5% carbon content. The production of ultra high carbon content requires special tempering process. One example of ultrahigh carbon steel would be cast iron. Meanwhile, high carbon steel plates are used for the production of extremely strong metals that can be used to make shocks for the car, for example. Medium carbon steel is more popular and it is commonly used in the general production of automobile parts. It is also machinable, meaning it can be cut and used for things like large screws and bolts. Low carbon plates are the most popular because they are extremely strong and they can be formed and welded. Low carbon plates can be used worldwide range production and manufacturing.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel plates are made it with an element called chromium that resist oxidation, corrosion and rest. This is why it is so popular in manufacturing. For instance, many of the steel water pipes in your home are made from stainless plate. Just like carbon steel, stainless steel is graded for different usage. High grade stainless steel use me has a higher level of chromium, so it is more waterproof in stain resistant. Stainless steel can be molded and welded, much like low carbon steel. Also, stainless steel plates are often produced in thinner sheets so they can be used for a wider range of manufacturing. Another great thing about stainless steel is that it is easier to recycle. It can be recycled at a commercial or retail facility with ease.

It is hard to fully understand and grasp the science behind the production of these different types of steel, but it is important to know the difference between them when it comes to finding the best products for manufacturing.