Deciding Between Mobile And Tower Cranes

3 June 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Two of the most common crane rental options you can choose from are the mobile crane and the tower crane. The type of crane that you should choose is based on how much space you have, how much time you have and how powerful you need the crane to be.

Considering the Amount of Space Available

The mobile crane can transport heavy loads to and from the work site. If you have a small location where it is difficult to fit a crane, mobile cranes take up less space, which is especially common in urban settings. Also, the less spacious mobile crane can be useful if you need to use the space for other things. The crane only needs space for itself and for the objects that will be lifted by it.

Factoring In the Weight of Your Load

One of the limitations of mobile cranes is that they cannot lift loads as heavy as tower cranes. While mobile cranes cannot lift as much as tower cranes, they are still more powerful than they look. Tower cranes are most often used in the construction of buildings and bridges. For example, if you need to lift heavy industrial equipment with high accuracy and you are concerned with how safe this process is, you will want to use a luffing jib tower crane. In contrast, a level jib tower crane is preferable to mobile cranes when you need to lift objects quickly and where accuracy is not a concern.

Choosing Among Different Types

There are a large variety of tower cranes to choose from, including the self-erecting tower crane, hammerhead crane and the luffing jib tower crane. Therefore, you will need to thoroughly research the types of cranes available to make sure you find the one that best suits your needs. Many tower cranes are erected with the help of a hydraulic crane, but the self-erecting cranes do not require this.

Considering How Much Time You Have

Mobile cranes can be setup much more quickly than tower cranes. The crane simply needs to be driven up to the work site, the boom can then be hoisted up and the crane is ready to be put to use. Tower cranes, on the other hand, come with several parts that need to be assembled before they can be put to use. However, the self-erecting tower crane can also be erected relatively quickly. The benefit of both mobile cranes and self-erecting tower cranes is that they can lead to cost savings because labor does not have to spend so much time assembling the crane.  For more information, visit site like