2 Tips to Keep Your Bolts Rust-Free

5 November 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Bolts play an important role in keeping various parts in a machine locked into place. Industrial equipment with loose or rusty bolts could break down easily, so taking the time to maintain the bolts on your machines can be a simple way to ensure you don't have any interruptions in production.

Here are two tips you can use to keep your bolts rust-free in the future.

1. Apply a protective coating to all newly installed bolts.

When you replace worn bolts with new ones, it can be beneficial to apply a protective coating to the exterior of the newly installed bolts to prevent rust in the future.

A simple, and affordable, solution for coating bolts is to invest in some transparent spray paint. This clear product can be applied easily, and it dries quickly to form a protective barrier around your bolts. Since moisture cannot penetrate the clear coating, it cannot cause the metal bolts to corrode.

For the best results, be sure that you spray your bolts in a humidity-free environment where the temperature is between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure optimal adhesion levels. Keeping your bolts rust-free with clear spray paint will help your machinery perform to spec well into the future. 

2. Blue your stainless steel bolts before installation.

A chemical process known as bluing can be beneficial in preventing rust from affecting the bolts found in your industrial machinery. While bluing is commonly used to treat the barrels of firearms, you can take advantage of the benefits this process provides to extend the life of your bolts.

To complete the bluing process, you will need access to a solution of potassium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, and water. This solution can usually be purchased from any vendor selling industrial chemicals. Immerse the bolts in the solution, then remove once the steel begins to take on a bluish hue.

Apply a water-displacing oil rub, and your bolts are ready to install. Bluing your stainless steel bolts will help prevent rust from compromising the integrity of your industrial equipment.

Keeping your bolts rust-free is a small but powerful way to ensure you don't experience production interruptions. By coating your bolts with a clear spray paint to create a protective barrier against moisture or bluing your stainless steel bolts with a chemical solution, you can reduce the chance that your bolts will be plagued by rust in the future. For further tips, consider speaking with a representative from a company like McFadden-Dale Industrial Hardware.