3 Tips To Help Diagnose Problems With A Submersible Well Pump

17 August 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Well pumps can be a part of the well systems that you rely on for the water in your home. Many modern homes that have wells use submersible pumps to get the water from the casing to the plumbing in the home. This is great to protect pumps from damage from the elements, but it can be a problem when it comes time for maintenance and repairs. Here are some of tips to help you get the maintenance and repairs done to your submersible pump:

1. Pressure Tanks That Prevent Pumps From Constantly Running

The tanks that are used to keep water pressure for your home's plumbing are an important part of your well systems. These help to keep pressure on the pipes with a baffle valve, which also prevents that pump from constantly being on. When there is a problem with the pressure tank, your plumbing may start to make strange noises when water is turned on. In addition, these problems can also cause the pump to be constantly on, raising your energy costs and wearing out the parts of the pump.

2. Flushing The Well Casing To Remove Debris That Damages Equipment

Casings are an important part of your well, which can eventually become clogged with sediments. This can cause many problems with water, the plumbing in your home, and well equipment. If you want to prevent some of the problems that sediments in well casings can cause, you may want to consider having the casing flushed to restore your well. This helps remove debris from the casing and unclog perforations in the casing that allow the well to fill up with water.

3. Problems With Well Pumps Failing And Needing To Be Pulled For Repairs

Your well pump is another problem that you may have to address. With a submersible pump, you may need to have it pulled to do some of the maintenance and repairs. If your well pump has failed and has problems like a short circuit or turns on but does not pump water, the problem may be a simple repair. A water well service can quickly pull the pump for you and check things like wiring and components of the pump to get it working again.

These are some tips to help you recognize problems and maintenance needs of a submersible pump. If you need help with the repairs to keep your water running, contact a pump repair service, such as Charles Rollins Well, to help with some of these repairs to the plumbing in your home.