Reasons To Let The Pros Handle Custom Wire Mesh Welding

27 May 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you have a unique project where you need woven wire mesh for a sifting project, having it customized via welding is probably going to be needed. You want to hire a real pro for this special welding task because of a couple of reasons.

Precision Is Required

If you've ever looked at a woven wire mesh screen up close, it has rows of metal that are perfectly aligned next to each other. It takes a lot of skill and, more importantly, precision to get the rows lined up just right. You need this type of precision in order to get ideal sifting results with whatever materials you're looking to locate.

The only effective way to get precision in a custom woven wire mesh screen is to work with a professional that deals with this specialty welding. They'll have specialized welders and refined welding techniques that ensure your wire mesh screen is welded precisely, giving you an optimal device to use for sifting projects.

Welder Knowledge

In order to put custom woven wire mesh screens together, in-depth experience and knowledge are necessary to work with the special welders involved. For custom woven wire mesh welding, the device is usually a TIG welding machine. You need a trained welder that knows what they're doing to handle this machine correctly. 

A professional that is certified to work with a TIG welder will know the operating capabilities of this device, which ensures your woven wire mesh materials aren't wasted. Every piece will be welded correctly to make up an ideal wire mesh screen.

Custom Recommendations

If you've never had a woven wire mesh screen customized for sifting, then you probably will be a little unsure of the customization specifics. If you hire a welder that accepts custom woven wire mesh projects quite routinely, that's okay because you'll have the chance to use their recommendations.

They'll gain information about your sifting projects and then recommend things like overall wire mesh size, material composition, and durability. These custom recommendations will help you get a fully functional wire mesh screen that you can use with ease for many sifting projects. 

When you decide to go custom with a woven wire mesh screen as opposed to buying a standard option, there are key aspects to assess and refine. A professional welder can prove to be a valuable commodity with this custom wire mesh screen, helping you struggle less with design and fabrication processes.