An Introduction To Structural Steel Fabrication And Welding

3 December 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Fabricators are the ones who form the parts for cars, refrigerators, your child's metal swing set, buildings, and bridges. Structural steel fabrication is the process of creating a specific piece of metal from start to finish. Structural steel welding is a very important part of that process. Without the welding, two pieces of metal would never be able to be joined together with such strength. Structural steel welding is also what gives two pieces of metal their strength. For example, when the welder joins two pieces together, they do so in a way that creates a single, very strong piece of metal. That metal is capable of enduring much weight, stress, and use without wearing down or weakening. You can learn more about the importance of structural steel welding here: 

Structural steel welding ensures sustainability

Structural steel is known for its durability. It is counted on and trusted to support all kinds of weight and usage for decades. Freeway overpasses, buildings, towers, all have something in common which is that structural steel welding was used in their erection. Welded structural steel can also withstand the stress of natural elements including severe storms, fires, excessive heat, extreme coldness, and more. 

Structural steel welding helps create safe building materials

Structural steel welding, as well as the entire fabrication process, creates building materials that are considered to be extremely safe. Not only are they safe for the environment itself, as mentioned above, but also for people. The structural steel is resistant to mold and pest infestation, which is one of the big reasons why it is preferred in certain buildings, such as hospitals and food manufacturing facilities. 

Structural steel materials can be customized to precision

Through the entire process of fabrication, including welding, building materials can be customized with precision. This is important in the industrial building industry because each piece of material must meet exact standards in order to complete the project. Smaller projects and larger projects will get the same level of fabrication that meets the standards and/or regulations required. This means you will be just as safe walking over a small bike bridge fabricated of structural steel as you will be driving your vehicle over a large one. 


Now that you have read some introductory information on structural steel fabrication and welding, you will likely have a far better appreciation for those large structures you see all around you.