What Type Of Steam Generator Does My Industrial Facility Need?

2 May 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Some industrial applications simply require steam to function properly. You may need steam for heating, cleaning, or sterilization. For your business to be profitable, you will need to make sure that the steam generator is affordable while also being effective.

Industries That Need Steam Generators

A broad range of industries utilize steam generators including industries that use computer rooms, commercial greenhouses, nurseries, and laboratories. These industries require steam that is reliable and steady. They also need steam generators that are easy to maintain and the generator must be built to last.

Energy Efficiency

A steam generator that is affordable will be able to generate a large amount of steam for the amount of energy that you put into it. This type of steam generator will be highly energy-efficient. 

While some steam generators use fire or gas, others are powered by electricity and will not generate any fumes. This can be more convenient in an enclosed space. These types of generators are quiet and do not produce any odors. Therefore they are ideal for industrial applications where workers must work in close proximity. 

When Electrical Steam Generators Aren't Enough

In some cases, an electric steam generator is not powerful enough to generate the steam you need for your industrial applications. In this case, you will need a steam generator with a mixer-burner and a combustion chamber that is lined to protect your industry.

Air and fuel are pumped into the mixer burner and the steam generator is designed to have as few carbon emissions as possible. The steam generator sprays water through the combustion chamber so that the water is transformed instantly into steam.


Some steam generators are meant to be stationary and others are meant to be mobile. The generators that are meant to be stationary can be kept in place with leg mounts. For the generator that is meant to be mobile, it can be easily moved around inside an enclosed trailer. Therefore, you can generate steam wherever you need it.

The Water Source

To generate steam, you need water. One option is to have a hose that connects to a water outlet so you can generate steam continuously through your plumbing. However, if your steam generator needs to be more mobile, it can be outfitted with a small tank that will need to be refilled periodically so you can continue to generate steam. Then, you will be able to clean and sanitize your industrial facility with steam.

For more information on a steam generator, contact a professional near you.