Tips To Help Your Business Save On Packaging Expenses

5 January 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you own a business where you send products to clients, it's important to utilize every method possible to save money on packaging expenses.  The costs for the boxes, bubble wrap and foam peanuts that help to keep your items safe during the delivery process can quickly add up, consuming a substantial portion of your company's capital.  However, there are techniques you can use to lower the amount of money that you spend on packaging so you can funnel more of your profits back into the business.  Use these tips to learn more about how your company can save money on packaging expenses.

Start A Green Campaign

More and more people are becoming concerned about the environment; you can use this awareness to your advantage.  Starting a "green" campaign is the perfect way for you to both build a better reputation for your company and save on packaging costs.

To start a "green" campaign, simply include a "return to sender" label with each box that you send out.  Insert a note within the package explaining to your customers the importance of returning the packaging materials from their product back to the company for environmental reasons.  Instead of throwing the packaging materials away, the customer can use the label to return the materials back to your company at no cost to them. 

Your customers will feel good about doing their part to reduce waste, while also holding your company in greater esteem because of your willingness to undertake such a valuable campaign. 

Partner With Local Businesses

If you really want to reduce your packaging expenses, partnering with local businesses may be the key to doing so.  Partnering with local businesses, such as grocery and retail stores, is the perfect way for you to gain access to the hundreds of boxes that contain their inventory each week.  Many of these types of businesses throw these packaging materials away by the boatload, and would actually be pleased to have someone come in and take these items off of their hands.

To partner with local businesses, simply visit nearby facilities and ask to speak with the general manager.  Explain that you own a business that requires frequent shipping and that you would like to know if it's possible for you to pick up any used packaging materials on a regular basis.  You may be pleasantly surprised at how willing the vendors are to give you the materials for free.

Packaging costs don't have to break the bank if you know what to do.  Start using this information today so you can decrease your packaging expenses. Speak with packaging experts like Northwest Paper Box for more info.