Barricade Options For Your Roadway Construction Project

5 May 2015
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You should never underestimate the importance of keeping your road crews and the general public safe when you're working in any roadway. One of the most important things you will invest in for this is your safety barricades. There are many types of safety barricades that you can use, each with its own unique features. If you've never shopped for barricades before, here is a look at the basic options you need to know about.

Simple Barricades

If you're working in an area that's predominantly foot traffic or very slow traffic speeds, a simple Type 1 barricade should be sufficient. These barricades are designed much like folding signs, but they feature a single reflective strip across the top of the barrier that's surrounded by white and orange stripes. The stripes are placed on the sign in alternating colors and are offset at an angle.

Basic Pedestrian Blockades

For sidewalk areas and roadways that see heavy foot traffic, the best way to redirect pedestrian traffic easily is through the placement of A-frame pedestrian blockades. These structures usually feature a single reflective stripe on a board that fits into a pair of A-frame legs. These barriers are portable, easy to store and effective for basic needs.

Reflective Barricades

Any time you're working in an area that sees heavy traffic or high speeds, you need visibility. Reflective barricades can help you with that. Particularly if you'll be working around dusk or at night, Type 2 barricades may be a good investment. These barricades feature two reflective stripes that feature the same orange and red stripes as a Type 1 barrier. The bottom of these barricades, though, usually has an added reflective strip for better visibility.

Barrel Traffic Barriers

Barrels are a common choice for construction sites, especially when you need to redirect traffic into specific lanes. Most traffic barrels are crafted with orange and white alternating colors, and the rubberized base helps them remain stable. The empty barrels are easy to move around so you can adjust them as needed. Then, fill your barrels with sand bags to keep them from toppling over.

Larger Traffic Obstructions

One of the larger barrier options available is the Type 3 barricade. These have a wider structure, and they're used in more large-scale operations. They are equipped with three large, wide reflective strips with the same routine stripe patterns. These barricades are often used for blocking an entire road or for establishing a detour.

Now that you know what your choices are, you can choose the barricades that best fit your operation. Sometimes, that means having several options on hand for different needs.

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