Tips For Those Having Septic Systems Installed

27 November 2016
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Having a septic system installed can be a major task to undertake, but it can be essential for disposing of wastewater when your home does not have a sewer connection. For those that are considering installing a septic system, it will be wise to keep a handful of tips in mind so that common oversights are avoided.

Choose An Area That Is Free Of Large Plants

When you are choosing a location for the septic system, you will need to make sure that the area is free of large plants, such as trees. The roots of these plants can grow towards the septic system due to sensing the moisture. Additionally, these roots can be powerful enough to force their way into the pipes of the drain field, which can lead to serious clogs that may be very expensive to repair. In addition to placing the septic tank in an isolated area, you may also want to install root guards as an additional layer of protection.

Have A Riser Installed

It will be necessary to have the septic system pumped on a regular basis, and some homeowners might be worried about the need to excavate large amounts of soil from the yard to do this work. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid the need for any excavation by installing a riser for the septic tank. These risers essentially stick out of the ground so that it will be easy to access the tank's hatch. Without one of these devices, it might be necessary for the septic contractor to dig several holes in an attempt to locate the tank's hatch, which could be very damaging to your yard.

Sign A Septic Tank Service Contract

It can be easy to forget to have your septic tank pumped by a company like Southern Sanitary Systems Inc on a regular schedule. However, you can minimize the risk of forgetting to have this work done by signing a service contract. When you sign a service contract, the service company will keep track of the date when your system will be due for a pumping, and they will usually offer a reminder service so that you can confirm the service appointment.

Reminders are not the only benefit of signing one of these contracts as it can also be common for these providers to offer their clients discounts in exchange for signing a service contract. Furthermore, there are some homeowners' insurance policies that offer discounts for having a septic service contract as this can reduce the risk of the home suffering damage from a compromised septic system.