Types Of Rotary Tables - Find Out Which Best Suits Your Application

5 August 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

A rotary table is a precision device primarily used in the metal work industry and ideal for work positioning. This metalwork device has a sturdy base usually secured onto other equipment. The rotary table makes drilling easier by increasing accuracy, repeatability, and productivity. It may seem simple enough, but there are different types of rotary tables. Understanding the specifics of each rotary table is essential in helping you select the right rotary table product for your project. So, keep on reading to learn more.

Oil Hydrostatic Rotary Tables

Oil hydrostatic rotary tables don't come equipped with contacting mechanical parts as they float on the oil in the device allowing for an extended duration of reliable, maintenance-free motion. Many metal workers use this device during machining and grinding when they require smooth and repeatable motions. They're also helpful when you need a stiff hold because they provide high-load capacity.

Air-Bearing Rotary Tables

Air-bearing rotary tables are the most widely used because they're designed to run for a longer time than other rotary tables. Like the oil hydrostatic rotary tables, their parts are not in contact since they float above the device. Therefore, don't expect your machine to create drag or wear down if you decide to use this device. You should also expect a long time of maintenance-free motion, a significant benefit of the air-bearing rotary tables. Many industries like the automobile, aerospace, aviation, energy, and semiconductor industries rely on air-bearing rotary devices to boost accuracy, productivity, and design flexibility. That's because of the rotary table's ability to achieve ultra-precision measurement.

Mechanical-Bearing Rotary Tables

The mechanical-bearing rotary table differs from the other two rotary tables discussed above. The differentiation plays a crucial role in how you operate the device. Unlike the other two rotary tables, the mechanical-bearing rotary table has touching and moving parts. However, they're still popular in many industries because of their high performance. They also have varied applications because they offer superior performance on axial, radial, and angular error motions.

Which Rotary Table Should You Select?

The answer is it depends on your project needs. If you want a rotary table that has a high accuracy rate and will last for a long time, then the air-bearing rotary table is the best for you. The oil hydrostatic rotary table is the best option if you need an extremely stiff hold on your product. There are also situations when the mechanical-bearing rotary table is perfect for your project, like when you need high performance. Therefore, carefully consider your needs before selecting the rotary table to use.

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