Tips For Those Having Septic Systems Installed

27 November 2016
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Having a septic system installed can be a major task to undertake, but it can be essential for disposing of wastewater when your home does not have a sewer connection. For those that are considering installing a septic system, it will be wise to keep a handful of tips in mind so that common oversights are avoided. Choose An Area That Is Free Of Large Plants When you are choosing a location for the septic system, you will need to make sure that the area is free of large plants, such as trees. Read More 

Dealing with Rust in Your Air-Compressor Tank

21 October 2016
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Rust is the enemy of just about anything made of metal, and that includes your air compressor. Air-compressor tanks are especially prone to heavy rust and corrosion, especially if they're not taken care of properly. The following explains how rust develops in a typical air-compressor tank, as well as what can be done to stop rust in its tracks. How Does Rust Form Inside Your Air-Compressor Tank? The reason that air-compressor tanks are vulnerable to rusting out has a lot to do with moisture. Read More 

Replacing Your Bathroom Fan

12 February 2016
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If your bathroom exhaust fan sounds like a jet airplane about ready to take off, it's time to replace it with a newer, quieter unit. If you replace the fan with the same size and model, it's easy to do the job yourself. Here are the steps to installing a new exhaust fan and having a quieter experience in the bathroom. What You'll Need to Do This Project stool or step ladder to reach the fan flat-blade screwdriver wire clippers flashlight or other work light From the local home improvement store: Read More 

Thinking About Updating Your Warehouse? Two Good Reasons To Move Forward

2 September 2015
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If you own or manage a warehouse, it may be tough to decide when the time is right to give your storage system an overhaul. If you're not sure if updating is for your business, here are two good reasons to go ahead with the project, from both the perspective of making your warehouse run more smoothly and repurposing your current storage elements. 1. New pallet racking systems have many advantages. Read More 

2 Great Uses For Storage Containers

28 January 2015
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Storage containers are a great resource that can be used in many different applications. Two popular uses for storage containers are for building homes and survival shelters. Building Homes Storage and shipping containers are great home building materials that are becoming increasingly popular, mostly due to the low price of the containers. In most cases, when a company ships items to the United States in large storage containers, they will abandon or sell the containers cheaply. Read More